• Connect with Lawrence Virtual School staff and families by participating in our
    field trips and enrichment programs throughout Kansas.
    All activities are optional, but we would love for you to join us.
    LVS staff host field trips throughout the year and in various locations across the state.  Check out the Calendar for the many events.
    In addition, we have parent enrichment groups that meet in a variety of locations across the state; these are also on the calendar and included in our weekly Monday Mail.
            About our field trips and enrichment programs
    • Many are designed for the whole family; some are for specific grade levels
    • Please note any registration links so that we can plan accordingly
    • Unless otherwise noted, cost of the field trip or enrichment activity is the responsibility of the family
    • Unless otherwise noted, parents K-8th grade are expected to remain with Lawrence Virtual School students during the activity. High school students may attend activities on their own.
    • Questions?  Check the calendar link for a contact listing or email us at here