Respect, Responsibility, Excellence.  Every Day.


    "We strive to educate all students and empower them to be responsible citizens and life-long learners in an ever changing world.”
    Student Growth and Development
    Students will be committed to high levels of academic achievement in order to develop skills necessary to become independent, life-long learners.
    Students will grow in their awareness and preparation for careers.
    Students will participate in community service and increase their awareness of and participation in the democratic process.
    Students will give their best efforts to achieve high, yet attainable, goals.
    Students will accept personal responsibility for their actions.
    Students will be involved in academic pursuits that will contribute to personal growth.
    Effort and achievement will be encouraged, recognized and celebrated.
    Students will engage in comprehensive studies of college preparatory and vocational courses.
    Through active relevant instruction, teachers will challenge and hold students to attain high standards of achievement.
    Students will attain mastery of essential knowledge and skills.
    Staff will collaborate to develop an integrated curriculum that raises expectations and holds students accountable for achievement.
    Learning Community
    Staff will model life-long learning by participation in effective staff development aimed at student and school improvement.
    There will be open and ongoing communication among all members of the Free State community.
    Free State staff and students will create and sustain effective partnerships with the Lawrence business and civic community.
    Parents will play an active role in the education of their children, monitor their children's performance and understand the importance of their children's attainment of proficiency on all standards.
    Co- and Extra-Curricular Activities
    Students will be involved in at least one co- or extra-curricular activity.
    Staff members will be expected to moderate, coach, assist, or direct at least one co- or extra-curricular activity.
    Students, parents, and staff will demonstrate school spirit by attendance of co- or extra-curricular activities.
    Climate and Culture
    All members of the learning community will be responsible for promoting a positive atmosphere through collaboration and communication.
    Staff, students, and parents will celebrate student and staff achievements.
    Staff and students will seek wellness physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
    All members of the learning community will treat each other with mutual respect, consideration and acceptance.