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    Lawrence Virtual School began as a dream of the Lawrence Public Schools and interested parents in the Lawrence area to create a charter school for students across the state of Kansas to complete their schoolwork from home with the support of a Kansas-certified teaching staff.  LVS came to life when a charter grant was written and received, a staff was hired, and a partnership was formed with K12, a national online curriculum provider.  

    The first year, 2004, began with an administrator, an administrative assistant, and seven staff members, some of whom were only part-time.  The hope was to enroll approximately 30 students the first year, but the staff was blown away with an enrollment of 169!  Since 2004, Lawrence Virtual School has grown to over 1,200 students from across the state of Kansas, serving students in grades K-12. 


    Lawrence Virtual School is no longer a charter school and is 100% now a part of Lawrence Public Schools. LVS administration and office staff work from the Educational Support Center (ESC) among school district offices. Lawrence Virtual School has become the largest virtual school in the state of Kansas. We are proud to provide a diverse and equitable educational opportunity that works for so many students and families in the state of Kansas.