• During the 2021-2022 school year we will not be having in person volunteers or visitors. 

    If you would like to help, please reach out to the PTO. 



    Opportunities to be Involved: 
    • Being a room parent – or volunteer to help at parties (at Parent Night) 
    • Helping on Field Day 
    • Volunteering in classrooms – check with your child’s teacher to see if there are times to help or projects to do
    • Volunteering to go on field trips with students when parent assistance is requested
    • Monitoring students in the computer lab 
    • Assisting the school librarian
    • Volunteering as a Watch D.O.G (for dads) 
    • Joining the PTO, or chairing or helping on a PTO Committee 
    • Attending School Events (Bingo Night, Music Programs, Carnival...)
    • Attending Parent Teacher Conferences for your child
    Visiting the school shows your child that you are interested in his or her school and gives you valuable insight into
    how he or she functions at school. 
    Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Please do not bring food from fast food establishments, though you are welcome to bring a sack lunch go through the lunch line with your child.  
    Make arrangements with the teacher in advance when you want to visit so the two of you can pick a time when 
    your child will be in the classroom and not at recess or taking a test. 
    Remember that the teacher won’t have time to talk with you at length about your child during your visit. Feel free to arrange an informal conference at a later date if you wish.
     As an added safety feature to Langston Hughes School, only the main entrance door will be open during the school day. Visitors to Langston Hughes building during the day will need to check in to the office and receive a visitor’s badge. This practice has been initiated district-wide as an added safety feature for everyone. Parents are encouraged to help support Langston Hughes’s efforts in maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff. Please remember to check in to the office when you enter the school.
    Thank you for your cooperation.