• Contact Langston Food Service for questions or account info: 785-330-4495 
    (Food Service Manager: Linda Jaimez)

    2018 -2019 Lunch Hours:
    Grade:   Lunch Starts:   Lunch Ends:

    Kdg:          11:00am           11:25am 

    3rd Gr:      11:25pm           11:50pm

    1st Gr:     11:50pm            12:15pm

    2nd Gr:     12:15am           12:40am 

    4th Gr.      12:25am            12:50pm

    5th Gr.      12:55pm             1:20pm    

    A student lunch cost is $2.70
    An adult lunch cost is $3.60
    Milk only is $0.85  
    Breakfast is served daily from 8:25am - 8:35am, any student is welcome to eat breakfast.
    A student breakfast cost is $1.70
    An adult breakfast cost is $2.35 
    Milk only: .85 


    A student Lunch cost is $2.65
    An adult Lunch cost is $3.55
    Milk only: .85 
    Make On line Lunch Payments: Click Here
    Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Please do not bring food from fast food extablishments, though you are welcome to bring a sack lunch or to go through the lunch line with your student.