• arrival
    Not applicable for 2020-2021 school year 
    8:20am: Breakfast students are permitted in the building to have breakfast and enter through the gym doors.

    8:20am - 8:35am: Students will be supervised in front of the building when weather permits. In the case of inclement weather, students will be supervised in the gym.

    8:45am: School Day starts - All students permitted in the building at 8:35am and sent directly to class. Teachers will be in their rooms ready to welcome students by 8:35am.

         IMPORTANT: The drop off line will be directed to un-load as a group, and to move as a group at the orange drop off lane. Cars should all stay in the line, and where ever you are stopped in the drop off zone, please let your child out there (even in bad weather to keep the line moving).  Please do not wait to unload just at the front doors. Please be sure your child is sitting on the right side of the car for easy exit.
    3:50 pm - Mon. Tues. Thurs. & Friday.
    • Dismissal is at 3:50pm. Walkers will exit through the north doors in the kdg hall 
    • Bus riders meet in the Library and load buses in the bus lane behind the gym
    • Car Riders will be let out at 3:50pm and siblings will line up with the youngest in their grade level line for pick up
          IMPORTANT: The car line will be directed to load as a group, & to move as a group at the orange pick up lane.
                                 Cars should all stay in the line, no parent should try to go around the line for safety reasons.
     All students must be picked up no later than 4pm.

    2:20 pm -
    Wednesday is early dismissal for Teacher Collaboration. All students must be picked up by 2:35pm.

    For the safety of all of our children, the following procedures are to be followed when dropping your child off or picking your child up at the end of the day. Problems that have occurred in the past include cars parked in the circle drive, parents and children walking between parked cars and cars blocking the handicapped parking spaces or aisles of the parking lot. To ensure the safest conditions when students arrive and depart from Langston Hughes, we ask that you adhere to the procedures listed below.
    Do not leave your car unattended in the circle drive, even if you think you will be “right out.”
    Always cross at the crosswalks. When driving, please stop when our staff is in the crosswalk to allow students to cross. Please wait until the crosswalk staff says it is clear and they themselves are safely back on the sidewalk.
    Students riding the bus will continue to board from the back of the school. This includes daycare buses/vans.
    Parents choosing to drop off or pick up their children should wait in their cars if they are in the circle drive. Children should be seated on the right side to exit safely. Staff will motion the car line to move in groups so that students can exit more quickly. Please stay in this drop off / pick up line and do not try to go around the line.
    If you plan to leave your car, park in a designated parking spot. (We are working on a new parking lot!) Do not leave your car parked in a place that will block the circle drive or others driving through the parking lot.
    As you enter the curved driveway north of the parking lot, maintain one line of cars in the right lane as you wait for your child.
    Respect the handicapped parking spots by not parking in them or blocking them while you wait for your child.
    Walkers will walk to the crosswalk at the end of the sidewalk by the gym. They will cross to the other sidewalk, adjacent to the south end of the parking lot. Walkers will stay on this sidewalk until they reach George Williams Way. Walkers going toward the roundabout will use the sidewalk to get to George Williams Way. (We are working on more sidewalks!)
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office. We thank you in advance for supporting these procedures and helping us ensure a safe environment for our children.