• Arrival
    Morning arrival and Entry into Building:
    • Doors are unlocked at 8:15 for students coming to eat breakfast
    • Students not eating breakfast should arrive AFTER 8:20AM unless they are enrolled in the Boys & Girls Club before-school program
    • Students will be supervised outside starting at 8:20AM.  Doors will be opened at 8:25 AM

    When dropping off your students in the car line, please make sure they are ready for the school day. 




    Car Riders

    • MTRF
      • students dismissed starting at 3:50pm

    • W
      • students dismissed starting at 1:20pm
    • Langston uses the IDismiss program for all car riders.  

    • IDismiss - How it Works Video



    • Students will be dismissed to walk home at 3:45 (1:15 on Wednesdays)

    • They must cross at the cross-walk on Diamond Head or Bob Billings

    • Parents walking up to meet their student must remain behind the yellow lines near the bike racks


    Bus Riders

    • Students riding the bus home or to a day care facility will load and unload by the gym doors


    Parking Lot

    • Our parking lot is closed to all visitors from 3:40-4:10 pm 

    • Only cars participating in the IDismiss  dismissal program will be admitted.

    • Families that are not participating in the IDismiss program will need to meet their student en-route, off school property or walk up and wait behind the yellow line.