• Welcome to our New Website

    As part of the school board's Engagement goal, we're excited to introduce new district and school websites. No more squinting, pinching or pulling!  Our new district and school websites feature a responsive design, scalable to various mobile devices.  Let us know what you think of our new websites by emailing our online Suggestion Box.

    In the coming months, we'll be rolling out several new engaging features including parent registration, content social settings, content alerts, a customizable dashboard and planner, and a mobile app.  First, we'd like to introduce you to our Customizable Calendar!

    Customizing Your Calendar View
    The Schoolwires Calendar enables parents to customize their calendar view by combining multiple calendars from the district website, school websites and/or teacher websites, and filtering specific color-coded event categories, to a single calendar. This may be especially helpful to parents who may have children attending different schools. Instead of navigating from calendar to calendar or printing multiple calendars, you may customize your calendar view.

    Follow the instructions below and/or 
    watch this video tutorial to learn about Customizing Your Calendar View. (Please Note: Our district will introduce website registration at a later date, so no need to use the 'Sign In' button at this time.)

    To subscribe to multiple calendars:

    1.     Click on Customize Calendar View in the top left-hand corner of any calendar. Calendar & Category options display.

    2.     Click the pencil icon next to Calendars. The 'add/remove' button displays.

    3.     Click 'add/remove.' The Site tab in the Choose Calendars window displays.

    4.     Click Other Areas. The Other Areas window displays.

    5.     From the drop-down menu, select the preferred Sites and/or Channels. Calendars display.

    6.     Click in the corresponding check box of the preferred calendar(s).

    7.     Click 'I'm Done.' The customized view of the calendars with ALL categories of events displays.

    Having now chosen the calendars you want to view, you may want to filter categories of events in which you are interested. 

    To filter specific categories of events:

    1.     Click on the pencil icon next to Categories. The 'add/remove' button displays.

    2.     Click 'add/remove.' The Select Categories window displays.

    3.     Click the corresponding check box of the Event Categories you want included in the custom view.

    4.     Click 'I'm Done.' Your customized view of the calendar with the selected categories of events displays.

    Your customized view of the calendar will be saved on the computer browser used to select your preferences.