Our goal at Cordley Elementary is to prepare students for life-long learning. This process involves the whole child (physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually) and is a shared responsibility of parents, teachers, students and the community. At Cordley, we believe that every child can learn and each child will achieve his or her unique potential.

    Cordley Mission Statement:

    Cordley students will be life-long learners.

    Cordley Motto:
    Building for life-long learning!

    Cordley Core Values:
    We make full use of instructional time allotted.
    We will use collaborative time to develop instruction and assessment for all students.
    We will model the self-discipline, self-motivation and commitment to high quality work that we hope to develop in our students.
    We will provide an orderly atmosphere conducive to learning where all people are treated with dignity, tolerance and respect.
    We will include children of all abilities in learning experiences that enable them to discover their strengths.
    We will teach each student according to his or her learning needs and style while providing evidence of student progress following grade level objectives.
    We will assess students mastery of outcomes in a variety of ways and provide students with many opportunities to demonstrate mastery of those outcomes.
    We will involve parents and the community-at-large in the learning process.