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    Covid-19 Support:

    Here's how our district benefits can help our staff during this time of uncertainty:

    1. Aetna Health Insurance Updates (updated 2/25/2021)
      • Available to those enrolled in district health insurance.
      • Extended through the duration of the federal mandate, Aetna will waive copays for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19, when medical appropriate.
      • Extended through February 28, 2021, Aetna will cover all inpatient hospitalizations at 100%, if admitted for Covid-19.
        • After February 28, 2021 COVID-19 treatment will still be covered by Aetna, however cost sharing (copayments and deductibles) may apply, unless another extension is granted.
      • In network telemedicine visits for behavioral and mental health continue to be covered at 100% through January 31, 2021.
        • After January 31, 2021, visits will still be covered by Aetna, however cost sharing (copayments) may apply, unless another extension is granted.
      • Members who are diagnosed will receive a care package that will include over-the-counter medications to help relieve symptoms. Aetna will proactively reach out to members who are most at-risk for COVID-19.
      • Call Aetna's customer service number, 855-216-5168, with any questions.
    2. Teladoc - call in or facetime doctor visits
      • Available to those enrolled in district health insurance.
      • Set your account up now, just in case you need to use this service in the future.
      • See this Teladoc flier for instructions and more information.
    3. Aetna Resources For Living Employee Assistance Program
    4. Covid Response
      1. LPS Covid Response Plan (updated 12/7/20)
      2. KDHE Isolation Release (updated 1/21/21)
      3. LDCPH Quarantine Release (updated 1/12/21)
      4. How long am I considered immune if I had COVID-19 disease? (updated 3/15/2021)
      5. How long am I considered immune if I had COVID-19 vaccine? (updated 3/15/2021)
      6. Travel-Related Quarantine Guidance (updated 4/12/2021)
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    Updated 403(b) Funding Change Notification effective 12/4/2020
    Effective December 4, 2020 there will be a fund change in our Employer Paid 403(b) account. Please see the Fund Change Notice for details of the investments being modified. You may adjust your investment elections and transfer your holdings using the Instructions for Online Changes. Call the Human Resources department at 785-832-5000 if you have any questions.