In the fall of 2013, Liberty Memorial Central Middle School announced the beginning of our STOMP Program.  This program focused on creating, teaching, and reinforcing positive behavioral expectations for our students.  Since this program’s start, our school has seen an increase in positive behaviors and a decrease in negative behaviors.

    As part of our continual growth and improvement plan, Lawrence Public Schools utilizes a Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tiered model of prevention (CI3T); STOMP is one part of this program.  Our school staff are committed to providing a safe, engaging educational center for lifelong learning.  As parents and a greater part of the community, it is important to include all of you in the process.  

    What is a CI3T plan?

    This plan, at its core, is designed to bring about positive change within the school environment by providing school-wide primary prevention.  Every student participates just by attending our school.  The purpose is to support students according to their behavioral, academic, and social needs through an accessible and clear system of identification and support.  Since 2013, the STOMP program has been teaching behavioral expectations by allowing students to practice these expectations and positively reinforcing them.  This fall, we will be introducing a social skill curriculum, Connect with Kids, in our Advisory classes.  Academically, we will continue to be data-driven and provide more support for students who need strengthen in certain academic areas.

    As the school year progresses, the primary plan may not work for some.  We will implement various safeguards to note this lack of progress, such as routine monitoring of MAP scores and a behavioral screener.  Students who arise needing greater support in various areas, we will collect further data and place them in the kind of support that can be helpful for them.  These supports can be small group interventions or the plan can become much more individualized.  The support provided refers to the tiered support (e.g. all, some, and few) that will be available to all students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

    Liberty Memorial Central Middle School is dedicated to providing a safe, engaging education center for lifelong learning by developing the potential of each individual, encouraging community and cultural awareness, and stressing the importance of academic excellence.

     For more information, please view our Implementation Manual.