• Dear Sunflower Families:


    As some of you may know, the Lawrence School District is implementing the Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tier model of Prevention (CI3T)!  Our faculty and staff is committed to this program which is data driven, proactive, supports a positive academic, social and behavior environment for your children.  In order for this program to be effective, we are providing families with information and expectations for all our Students, Faculty, and Staff in the Sunflower Elementary community.  This model is based on increasing and reinforcing positive behavior in three key areas of student life:  Academics, Behavior and Social Skills. 


    We have included in this letter the school matrix, which will be posted through out the school to help with the continuing reinforcement of the expected behaviors of our Sunflower community.


    Each student will participate in CI3T just by virtue of attending Sunflower Elementary and Lawrence School District.  Your child will be receiving Sunflower BEST Bucks with this program which will allow them the choice of positive reinforcements for meeting expectations in academics, behavior or social skills.  Those expectations are quite simple:  Being safe, Effort, Showing Respect and Take responsibility (BEST).  By meeting these expectations, your child will be better prepared to learn and be a good citizen of Sunflower Elementary.  Should your child need additional supports in place to be successful, such as small group interactions, or individualized plans, those will be offered with consistency throughout the school to better reach your student. 


    Sunflower Elementary Faculty and Staff are extremely grateful for the support our families give us through out the year.  We are very excited to be a part of this initiative and look forward to helping your child be successful each and every day.  Throughout the year, we will be hosting coffee talks and informational sessions on this district wide initiative.  Please feel free to come with questions and concerns, or for more information you can also go to http://www.ci3t.org/ Implementation materials are available upon request.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to an excellent school year!




    The Sunflower Faculty and Staff