• Cordley Arrival and Dismissal 22-23

    Arrival and Dismissal of Students

    Procedures for arrival and dismissal are designed to support the highest levels of safety. 

    We commit to limit the number of students who are gathered in groups near the trafficways, eliminate crossing traffic without a crossing guard, and maximize supervision. 


            8:30-8:45am Grade levels enter the following doors. 



    Bus Riders

    Vermont St, North Door


    Vermont St, South Door


    Front Entrance


    • Adults will remain outside the building. 

    • All students head straight to breakfast or the classroom.

    • After 8:45 all students must enter through the Front Entrance!

    Child pick-up/drop-off during the school day.

    • Drop Off: Parent/guardian should call the school and notify them of the student’s arrival. Parent/guardian should walk the child in and stay until the student is safely inside the vestibule off 19th street. 

    • Pick Up: Parent/guardian should call the school and ask for the student to be released. Parent/guardian may pick up their child at the office, entering on 19th Street.