• Cordley Arrival and Dismissal 

    Making Cordley a Safe Place for All!

    Nothing is more important than the safety of our children.  To insure that please follow these procedures for arrival and dismissal time.  SEE MAP FOR VISUAL OVERVIEW

     Secured Entrance ~ For the safety and security of students and staff the only doors open will be the Front Entrance, except at arrival time in which the Northeast entrance which will be open for breakfast eaters, and our bus riders.

     Visitor Parking ~ During the school day, a few visitor parking spots are located on the West side of Cordley.  (No parking allowed in the bus lane).  See location on the map.  

    Street parking is available South of 19th on Vermont St. and Kentucky St or South side of 18th street near the playground.

     Bus Lane ~ This is for busses only all day.  Cars needing to park should use the visitor parking on the West side of the building or available street parking (listed above).


    School starts @ 8:45am


     Morning Drop-Off (Cars, Busses, Walkers, and Boys and Girls Club)

    The front and Northeast entrance will be open for arrival.  If you are attending morning Boys and Girls club please enter using the FRONT entrance.  Breakfast easters may enter on the Northeast side starting at 8:15am.  All others can enter at 8:35am from the front entrance.

    A bicycle rack is located on the South side of the building and by the Northeast doors.


    School ends @ 3:50pm, 2:20pm on Wed.


    For safety, please travel south for drop off and pick up
    Students will NOT be allowed to cross traffic
    Remain in car at all times

     Car Rider Pick-Up

    Pick up on Vermont St at south end of building. This is a single lane car line for all grades.
    Remain in the car at all times.  DO NOT PARK on Vermont St. between 18th & 19th street during dismissal time.
    Students will load on passenger side of car (West side of Vermont). See location on the map.


    Walkers in 1st-5th will exit through the front entrance.  Parents can wait either outside the front entrance or in the front vestibule.  Kindergarten walkers and their siblings will exit on the South side of the building next to the front doors.

    Please cross at 19th and Vermont or at light on 19th and Kentucky St.  A crossing guard will be present at arrival and dismissal at 19th and Vermont St.