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    Comprehensive Three-Teired Model of Prevention (CI3T)

    As the school year begins, we are excited to introduce new and returning families of Cordley to our new Comprehensive Integrated Three-tiered (CI3T) model of prevention!  Our faculty and staff are committed to the district goals of Excellence, Equity, and Engagement.  It is our belief that our commitment to students and our community will show in our CI3T plan.  In order to maximize the plan’s effectiveness, we are providing parents and the greater community with information regarding our CI3T plan.  We hope that you will hear more details about this plan from our students!  Please do not hesitate to contact Cordley faculty and staff if you have any questions and/or comments.


    What is a CI3T plan?

    A comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered model of prevention has as its base a school-wide primary prevention component.  Each and every student participates just by virtue of attending our school.  The goal of this school-wide plan is to equip students with meaningful academic, behavior, and social skillsets that will support

    successful school and life outcomes.  This plan is also designed to create positive change within the school environment. 


    If the primary plan is not sufficient to meet some student’s needs, additional levels of support are planned.  For example, some students may benefit from small focus groups (secondary support) whereas others may benefit most from individualized supports (tertiary support).  Each of these levels of support, school-wide, secondary, and tertiary, are part of our CI3T plan.  We aim to foster a positive learning environment for all students and support every student to the extent for academic, behavioral, and social success.



    CARE Tickets and Store

    As part of the CI3T plan, students earn tickets by following the school-wide expectations such as respecting others, arriving to school on time, and following directions the first time. Tickets are then used to redeem incentives in the CARE store.  At the CARE store students have the opportunity to exchange their tickets for preferred items and activities. 


    If you wish to donate items to the CARE store we will gladly accept items such as toys (new or like new condition), school supplies, or other items that students would be interested in redeeming.  We are also looking for parent volunteers to assist in the CARE store from 8:25-8:45 and 11:30-12:30.  If you would like to help, please contact the school office, 832-5640.