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    Interested in Enrolling?
    We invite you to learn more about what we have to offer students and families who choose to enroll with the Lawrence Virtual School.  Please take a look at the information on this page, as well as other pages on our website, to get to know more about the Lawrence Virtual School.

    apply now   Enrollment for 2021-22 school year is now open

    If you are interested in applying for enrollment for LVS for the 21-22 school year, please check out the "Interested in Enrolling" tab for more information. If you are ready to apply, see below.

    For students outside of the Lawrence School District, please click here to start the application process.

    For students IN the Lawrence School District, please contact one of our Enrollment Staff at LVS:

    • For K-8th grade, contact Veronica Hamer at lvsapplicant@usd497.org or call 785-330-4419  
    • For 9-12th grade, contact Lynette Lottinville at llottinv@usd497.org or call 785-330-2296


    LVS K-5th Grade Elementary program is a parent-led standards-based program. We use the K12 curriculum (we are not associated with K12 as a K12-run school; we only purchase their curriculum.). The parent (Learning Coach) works with the student daily on assigned lessons each school day, along with a homeroom teacher who meets with students one-on-one and in small groups on a weekly basis. Students will be engaged in work 18-22 hours per week.
    LVS Middle School and High School program uses the Buzz curriculum. This is a more student-driven/teacher-led program. Our teachers teach live online lessons during the week. Learning coaches are responsible for ensuring that students are progressing in their courses, logging into classes and help sessions, attending bi-monthly conferences, and turning in assignments. Students will be engaged in work 25-40 hours per week.
    Have a question?  Feel free to click on the “Contact Us” link anytime; a Lawrence Virtual School staff member will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.
    Why become part of the Lawrence Virtual School?
    The Lawrence Virtual School (LVS) is an online public charter school–statewide, based in Lawrence, Kansas.  Our school is open to all Kansas resident students, K-12th grade, throughout the state.  We offer many benefits to students and families that choose us as their educational partner:
    •     World-class curriculum provided for students
    •     A tuition-free virtual school (with minimal student fees) environment that provides books, materials, manipulatives, science materials, and the loan of  a computer for  your family (some materials are online books and materials)
    •     Individualized instruction, including assistance for students who struggle, as well as opportunities for those who excel
    •     Partnership with Kansas-certified teachers to support daily instruction, as well as accountability to the educational process
    •     Smart use of technology
    •     No time and distance barriers; school anytime, anywhere
    •     Field trips and enrichment activities for all students
    Learn More About the Lawrence Virtual School- click on the other links in Interested in Enrolling to find out more.
    --Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to many of your questions about the Lawrence Virtual School.
    --LVS Testimonials – Our families enjoy the option and opportunities that LVS offers for their students; see what they have to say.