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B.S. ElEd from Arkansas Tech University M.S. Ed. from University of Kansas Certified K-9 General Education

Mrs. Wendie Wilcken

Welcome to West! 

I am one of the 7th grade ELA teachers.  I have taught for more than twenty years in Lawrence Public Schools, and this is my 17th year at West. I promote a love of learning in my classes by teaching independent reading and writing through rich, diverse texts.  Be ready to enter a vigorous environment and learn along with me.  My expectations are high, but I prefer that students "fail forward" and try something new! 

People ask me all the time about helping their kids become better readers/writers.  With so many opportunities available to kids now, not to mention the technology they are exposed to, we have to be intentional about our time.  One big key is to make it a family routine.  My advice to everyone is to set aside time for reading every day, write about what you read (reflections, wonderings, ah-ha moments), and talk to someone about the content.  How?  Recommend that fabulous book to a friend; ask questions about why the characters made the choices they had, and connect the experience to your own life.  What would you have done differently in the same situation?  How does the action or choice make you feel?  What did you learn from a nonfiction article or biography?  Did you successfully create that meal while following the recipe?  

Set some goals for yourself.  Always strive to do more than you think you are capable of, and you will achieve greatness!  I look forward to our next adventure!!

 Mrs. Wilcken. (she, her)

WMS 7th grade ELA 
M.S. in Curriculum and Teaching--KU, 2010 (Reading Specialist focus)
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