Degrees and Certifications:

(B.S.E., M.S.E., & Ed.D) - University of Kansas "Generally a nice guy" endorsement - my mom

Dr. Chris Orlando


My name’s Chris Orlando and I’ve been called a PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist. But I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that. I love my job and will do all that I can to help students navigate their middle school experience (and beyond), discover the power of learning, and have some fun along the way.  

I’m a Lawrence kid through and through. Having attended Broken Arrow, Schwegler, South Junior High, and Lawrence High I've been fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful teachers. My mom taught in the district for the majority of my life, and helped me see the noble task of educating children for what it is: fun!  

See below for some shockingly personal and psychologically insightful "pros and cons" about me. Then, enjoy a few pictures of my family.

    • Pro: Not afraid of middle schoolers
    • Con: Afraid of spiders
    • Pro: I won’t call your child’s failing grade a “hot mess”
    • Con: I will call it a “spicy disaster”
    • Pro: I enjoy writing
    • Con:  My autobiography will be called, “I Need to Pee, But I Can’t Leave Middle Schoolers Unsupervised”
    • Pro: Will occasionally dole out wisdom
    • Con: Have been forced to say, "Don't lick that desk" to 8th graders
    • Pro: I've never stolen anything from work
    • Con: I've had to steal things from home to bring them to work 


    My wife, Meaghan, is a first-grade teacher. She and I have a wonderfully wiggly son named Jude and a daughter named Luna.


    LunaUsJude smileLuna smile



    MY "WHY"


    Just about everything I do in the classroom is because of my mom.  Being raised by her is like an ongoing apprenticeship in the art of being a positive, flexible, and creative person. 


    Mom Mom2



    Listen here for a 2:00 interview that my mom and I did with KCUR 89.3: Interview