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Ms. Angelia Perkins

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My name is Angelia Perkins (the “i” silent).  I am best described as an artist, photographer, high school art instructor, and overall creative nut. I have been teaching now for almost 26 years and I still wake up and love coming to work.  My first year teaching was elementary and high school in Basehor/Linwood.  Since then, I have also taught junior high but the majority has been spent at Lawrence High. My undergraduate work was at Butler County Community College and University of Kansas (Fine Arts & Media Communication).  My Masters and graduate studies was at KU in Art Education.

I currently teach Photography I & II, Photo Portfolio, and 2D Advanced Placement Testing.  I have also taught Digital Imaging, Humanities, Ceramics/Sculpture, Drawing/Painting, and Jewelry.

My emphasis in education is developing young people to become more than they believe they are capable of. Higher order thinking and creativity allows one to reach beyond the ordinary. I always understand that I am teaching what is already outdated in our ever changing world- if it is “in” today, it is already out of style. My sister is a scientist and more and more we realize how much our fields merge.

Travelling with students each summer is a favorite of mine and it is amazing to see their world knowledge expand.  Some of my favorite places to visit are South Africa, Australia, Galapagos Islands, Ireland/Scotland, England, and Greece.  I travelled throughout Mexico on a Fulbright scholarship creating curriculum which was a unique experience.

My personal artwork varies, but I love working with photography and mixed media.  I am an avid reader, fisherwoman (that 42 inch Northern Pike was a blast to reel in), and jewelry artist. I like funky jewelry & shoes, cheese, antique funerary art objects, thriller movies, thrift-shopping and anatomical art heart imagery and objects.