Ms. Jo Huntsinger



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jo Huntsinger

Who:          Jo Huntsinger, BSE Education, University of Kansas 1982


When:        Began coaching volleyball at LHS in the fall of 1982

                   Began “teaching" study halls in the fall of 1983

                   Began teaching biology, wellness, and swimming in the fall of 1984


Where:       This is my first teaching job, I have been here for over 3 decades.


How:          Hear it, see it, do it.  I enjoy creating a variety of teaching methods to reach students.  I also use academic competitiveness to teach certain concepts.  Positive peer pressure is a powerful motivator for students.  I believe that younger educators call this teaching style blended learning, I refer to it as organized chaos.


Why:          I love motivating, exciting, and challenging students to learn more about the human body.  I know that they will apply concepts learned in my classroom in their future careers and personal lives.


Websites:   Planbook for current lesson plans., password Huntsinger                                     

                   Quizlet  for Terminology, search for jhuntsin