Ms. Heather Lofflin

Phone: 785-330-2511


Degrees and Certifications:

1994 University of Kansas, B.S. Journalism, News-Editorial 1994 University of Kansas, B.S. Journalism, Photojournalism 2011 Ottawa University, Professional Certification in Education 2013 Kansas TESOL Certification 2014 to present, Building Leadership Team 2015 to 2017 CI3T Leadership Team 2018 to present CI3T Treatment Integrity Team Leader 2018 University of Kansas, Master of Science in Education, Curriculum & Teaching 2018 to present, Hillcrest Apollo Redesign Leadership Team, Co-Chair: Project-Based Learning PAST COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - Girl Scouts leader at Daisy and Brownie level - Lawrence Parks & Recreation girls' softball coach at 3rd- and 4th-grade levels - Girls Rock Camp Lawrence electric guitar instructor

Ms. Heather Lofflin


Updated: August, 2019

Heather Lofflin, M.S.E., Curriculum & Teaching

Please visit Seesaw for timely updates of what we are doing in class, or the PowerSchool site for more in-depth class and curriculum information. Students can log into their PowerSchool at home, and will have their usernames and passwords memorized. If you have signed up for Seesaw in previous years, your student will automatically be rolled over into their current class. If you have not signed up in the past, ask Ms. Lofflin for directions for how to do so. There will be a lot of communication through Seesaw, so please make sure to sign up! :)

My goal is to do whatever it takes to facilitate school success for all students. I endeavor to nurture an inclusive classroom environment where all students feel safe so they can engage with learning and do their best. I strive to personalize learning, honoring the interests, backgrounds, and needs of all students. We engage in Project-Based Learning often, which I believe helps to reach these goals. I believe a student's success is measured by an entire year's worth of work, not just one score on a test.