School Fees

  • School Fees Pic If you have questions about payment of school fees, please contact the administrative assistant at your child's school or contact the Business Office staff listed on this page.  You may also e-mail your question to Please include your name, your student's name, the school they are attending, a phone number where you may be reached and the best time to contact you along with your question. Someone in the Business Office will respond to you as quickly as possible.
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    e~Funds for Schools will be down from June 12 through July 17, 2024 for year-end processing. 
    We will be unable to take credit card payments during this time.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:   Does Lawrence Public Schools charge fees?
    A:   Yes.  USD 497 charges basic fees to all students.  Additional fees and course fees may apply for secondary students, depending upon their activity level and course selections.  Fee amounts are approved annually by the Lawrence Board of Education. 
    Q:   What do the fees cover?
    A:   Basic fees assessed to every student:
    • The Activity Trip Transportation fee covers bus costs for field and activity trips.
    • The Instructional Resources Fee (previously Books, Materials, and Technology Fee) covers textbook rental, technology (internet access, online materials, etc.), and instructional materials (magazines, workbooks, art supplies, consumable items, etc.).
    • The Device Fee covers repair costs for devices.
    Additional/Special Fees, assessed as required:
    • Participation fees (per sport/activity)
    • Co-Curricular fees (band, orchestra, select choirs, debate, forensics, and plays at the middle schools and high schools)
    • Instrument maintenance/rental fee (if applicable)
    • Parking permits
    • Uniforms
    • Membership in student organizations
    • Additional supplies for co-curricular activities  
    • Lost USD 497 property (library books, textbooks, uniforms, iPads, MacBooks, charging accessories, etc.)
    • Yearbooks (if purchased) 
    • Activity Tickets (required for students in KSHSAA sponsored sports and co-curricular activities, as well as for students who request an activity ticket at the high schools).  More information on Activity Tickets can be found here.
    Course Fees, select courses only:
    • Course fees (additional material for the classroom not covered by basic fees)
    • Fees for course projects, if applicable
    2023-2024 fees approved by the Board of Education are listed here:  Student Fee Summary, Participation and Co-Curricular Fees and Course and Additional Fees.
    Q:   If my student attends only part of the year, do I pay fees for the full year?
    A:   Basic fees are pro-rated on a quarterly basis.  If your student attends one day of the quarter, fees are due for the quarter.  Special fees and course fees are not pro-rated.
    Q:   How are fees assessed for students who attend school for less than a full day?
    A:   Basic fees for students who attend less than a full day will be pro-rated according to current policy set by the school board.  Special fees and course fees are billed at 100%.
             % of Enrollment            Assessed Fees - %
                  0.0% - 10.0%                    0.0%
                10.1% - 33.0%                  33.0%
                33.1% - 67.0%                  67.0%
               67.1% - 100.0%                100.0% 
    Q:   Can my fees be waived?
    A:   If you qualify for free or reduced-priced meals, you may be eligible to have certain fees waived.  Fees eligible for waivers are basic fees, co-curricular fees, participation fees, course fees, instrument maintenance/rental, activity ticket, and cap & gown.
    In order for fees to be waived, the Approved Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Application must be on file in the Nutrition and Wellness Department and the Consent for Disclosure form must be on file in the Business Office.  These forms are available here.
    Q:   How do I pay my fees?
    A:   The school office or district office accepts checks, cash, cashier's checks, and money orders.  See below for information regarding insufficient fund checks.  Payments may be made online via eFunds.  The eFunds program accepts electronic check and credit card payments. If writing a check, please make the check payable to USD#497.
    Q:  My student has graduated or is inactive.  How do I pay for their fees?
    A:  Fees for inactive or graduated students may be made by mailing a check to the USD #497 Business Office, 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044 or by calling the Business Office at 785-832-5000.  Do not make payment for these fees at your student's prior school.
    Q:   When do I pay for fees? 
    A:   Payment will be accepted once fees have been added to your student's account.  USD 497 does not accept payments made prior to the fees being assessed.  The only exceptions are for yearbooks, activity tickets, and parking permits.  You will receive a monthly statement if you have a balance due on an account. You may also check your balance using the Parent Portal in PowerSchool.  If your account carries a credit balance, you will receive a refund check from USD 497.
    Q:   May I make payments for fees?
    A:   Yes.  Payments may be made in installments at your discretion.  USD 497 does not have established payment plan dates, but requires your bill to be paid in full by the date listed on your statement.  Not all fees are eligible for the payment plan.  For more information, contact your school office.
    Q:   What if my fees are not paid by the due date?
    A:   Fees that remain unpaid after the due date will be sent to collections.  Silo Recovery is the district's collection agency.
    Q:   What if my check is returned due to insufficient funds?
    A:   USD 497 uses RECHECK, Inc., a check recovery company, for all insufficient fund checks.  If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, payment MUST be made to RECHECK, Inc. and NOT to the student's school or the district business office.  By law, RECHECK, Inc. is able to electronically debit the check writer's account for the amount of the check and a $30.00 processing fee.
    Q:   How does the eFunds program work?
    A:   The eFunds program enables you to pay fees online at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In order to pay online, you will need to create a user account and add your student(s) to your account.  Once your account has been set up, you may make a payment.  When you select New Payments or Pre-Authorized Payments, you will be directed to a screen that shows all fees with a balance on your student's account. You may make a partial payment by adjusting the dollar amount listed next to the fees.  To pay a specific fee, click on "add" beside the fee.  The fees you have selected for payment will be displayed at the bottom of the payment screen.  Please note that eFunds will not be available for a short period during summer to accommodate year-end processing.
    Q:   Is there a fee for using eFunds?
    A:   Yes, there is a small convenience fee charged by eFunds.  Currently, the fee is $1.00 for each electronic check payment and $2.85 for each credit card payment.  eFunds, a third party vendor, sets this fee and it is subject to change.
    Q:   Where do I find my student's ID so I may use eFunds?
    A:   You may find the student ID on the student fee statement or by contacting your school office.
    Q:   Is it possible to set up recurring payments on e~Funds?
    A:   Yes, you can set up recurring payments on e~Funds.  The guide attached here will walk you through this process.  Please remember that all fees are due by the last day of school when setting up a recurring payment plan.
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