• Is your family moving out of district?
    Please send an email to our Registrar, which includes the following information: Last day student will attend Free State and the name and address of the new school they will attend. It will be necessary for your student to pickup a "withdrawal sheet" from the Registrar a day or two before their last attendance date. The student will need to see each teacher for a withdrawal grade and to verify the return of any textbooks. They will also need to clean out their locker. On the last day of attendance, the parent will need to visit the Financial Office to take care of any financial obligations. We cannot release complete recores to the new school until all steps have been completed. If you have additional questions, please contact our Registrar. 
    Has your demographic information changed?
    If you have changes to your family information, please inform our Student Services Secretary. These changes include: change of address, home/cell phone numbers, work information, marital status, doctors phone numbers, emergency contact, email address, etc. Please help us keep your information current so we may keep you informed.