To electronically request a transcript, please create an account at Parchment.com. Request your transcript be sent to you, colleges, NCAA, NAIA and other destinations defined by you.  Transcripts will only be processed through this site.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for processing.  Requests are not processed when school is closed for holidays, spring break and snow days.  With this in mind, please plan ahead with regard to deadlines for applications and scholarships.
    The second option is to compete the following form for a Transcript Request.
    Graduates 2002-Current Students
    Transcripts are the official school record of courses and grades.  Most colleges will request an official transcript as part of the application process.  Please remember to initiate a final transcript request to the college you plan to attend after graduation through Parchment.  The final transcript is available in early June and reflects your final senior grades, cumulative GPA, rank and graduation date.  Transcript request are free until July 30 of your graduation year.

    February 1, 2021 - Transcripts will no longer have ACT/SAT scores on them.  If you would like to give permission to have your scores on your transcript, you will need to have your parent login to their parent PowerSchool account and click on the below link.
    Effective April 5, 2021 Parchment's standard transaction fee for academic credentials will be $4.15.  Transaction fees for Enrollment and Graduation Verifications will remain unchanged.  Parchment is continuing to invest in creating a stable, powerful and innovative records management platform to serve your needs.