• Susan Satriano Foundation Scholarship

    The scholarship was established by Joe Satriano in honor of Susan Satriano.

    Student is a high school senior who have a parent presently battling cancer, in remission or unfortunately, had a parent succumb to cancer.
    Student will be interviewed by Joe Satriano, trustee of the Foundation by phone sometime in late March or early April.
    No tests, essays or applications are necessary.
    Student should tell his/her guidance counselor that he or she would like to be considered for the scholarship. 

    2017 - Madison Bruhns, FSHS (bottom photo)
    2017 - Carli Stellwagon, LHS
    2017 - Reese Stellwagon, LHS
    2017 - Josh Axlund, LHS (top right)
    2017 - Kameron Teehee, LHS (top right) 
    2018 - Anna Bial, FSHS
    2018 - Rae'Chel Atkins, FSHS
    2018 - Mary Carr, LHS (top left)
    2018 - Sarah Krambeer, LHS (top left)
    2018 - Mason Phelps, LHS (top left)
    2018 - James Rossillon, LHS (top left
    2018 - Satriano recipients 2017 - LHS Kameron Teehee and Josh Axlund 2017 - Free State Madison Bruhns