• RD Johnson Excavating Scholarships

    (Lawrence High School)
    These scholarships were accepted by the Foundation February 9, 2016. They were established by Tim Bateman of RD Johnson Excavating.  The company is providing four total scholarships, two to each high school. One is for construction management or civil engineering and the other is for trade school, vocational technical school or community college..
    Construction Management or Civil Engineering Scholarship
    Student is planning to pursue a career in civil engineering or construction project management in a Kansas post-secondary institution.
    Trade School, Vocational Technical School or Community College Scholarship
    Recipients ($500)
    2017 - Joshua Bell, LHS (right)
    2017 - Collin Harris, LHS (right)
    2018 - Ian Hendricks, LHS (left)
    2018 - Mia Waters, LHS (left)
    2018 - Mia Waters and Ian Hendricks 2017 - Joshua Bell and Collin Harris