• Listed below are a few of our favorite apps:



    Blackboard Students may use Blackboard to download and upload assignments in their classes. 


    CoWriter Universal App  Co:Writer Universal is a word prediction app students may use to assist their writing. 


    Google Classroom App  Google Classroom is another app in which students may upload and download assignments and collaborate with peers.  


    iMovie app  Students can shoot, edit and show digital media they create in iMovie. 


    Weather Underground app   Weather Underground is a comprehensive weather app.


    ThingLink   Using ThingLink, students can create interactive slideshows to display their work. 


    Adobe Spark Video app   In Adobe Spark Video, which is part of the larger Adobe Spark suite, students can create animated videos by adding images and recording their own voice.  


    Canva app   Canva is a graphic design app used to create graphics for posters, flyers, blogs, and much more. 


    Paper by 53 app   Paper by 53 is a note taking and drawing app perfect for adding visuals or creating diagrams.  


    Quizlet app icon   In Quizlet students can create customized flash cards or use an existing set. 


    Dragon Dictation app icon   Dragon Dictation is an easy to use speech-to-text tool.


    Desmos app icon   Desmos is a fully-functional, dynamic graphing calculator.  


    Google Docs app icon Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor that can be accessed on any device with internet. 


    Show Me app icon   ShowMe is a digital whiteboard for staff and students to draw and record content.