• If you school does not have a garden or an outdoor learning environment, you may want to get one started!  Every space will look different because every school is different with a different community of students, families, and neighbors, however there similar strategies for each school to follow for the creation of a successful space.
    A successful program will start with a strong team who come together under a shared vision. The committee is essential in establishing the initial vision or mission of the program along with the design and implementation of garden curriculum. While the size of a garden committee can vary greatly, a core group of 4-6 is generally a good size to get started. As a recruiting tool, consider writing up a short description of the project or program along with a list of specific jobs and responsibilities that need to be filled in order to maintain a strong program.  Keep in mind that not everyone has to know how to grow plants, garden committees should be made up of a diverse group with various skills.

    Team Members could include:

    • Leader or Member of PTA
    • School Principal
    • School teacher or curriculum support staff member
    • Parent volunteers with passion for gardening or specific skill sets (gardening, mentoring kids, culinary skills, etc.)
    • Community or neighborhood volunteers
    • Members of potential partner organizations such as local farmers, Common Ground members, landscape architects, garden clubs, master gardeners etc.
    • Neighborhood associations
    • Retired teachers or community members with specific skill sets or passion for gardening