• Academic All-Americans
    To be named a National Speech and Debate Association Academic All-American, students must meet the following criteria:
    1. Have earned the Degree of Superior Distinction or higher (750 points or more).
    2. Have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).
    3. Have an ACT composite score of 27 or higher, or an SAT combined score of 2000 or higher.
    4. Have completed 5 or more semesters of high school.
    5. Receive a recommendation from the head coach.
    2012-13 - Eddie Loupe, Lauren Pauls
    2013-14 - Ellie Dunlap
    2014-15 - Hayley Luna
    2015-16 - Tehreem Chaudhry, Stefan Petrovic, Bridget Smith
    2016-17 - Natalie Coté, Quentin "Louis" Farris, Sungho Hwang, Chisato Kimura, Jazmyne McNair, Apramay Mishra, Abigail Treff, Emily Walthall, Claire Walther
    2017-18 - Jared Coté, Vera Petrovic
    2018-19 - Daniel Davidson, Amelia Vasquez
    2019-20 - Rachel Krambeer, Tony Racy
    2020-21 - J. Riggins, Jake Shew, Helen Viloria
    2021-22 - Clara Bode, Cuyler Dunn, Kayleigh Gill, Thomas Lushington, Eliot Manning, Caitlin Sand, Bradley Schrock, Jack Stutler, Aidan Zimney