KSHSAA & Eligibility Information


    To be eligible to participate in any interscholastic contest, a student must meet the following criteria:

    1)   The student shall have passed a minimum of five (5) new classes the semester prior to the beginning of the season of competition.

    2)   The student shall be currently enrolled in a minimum of five (5) new classes during the current season of competition.

    3)   The student shall be a bona fide student.

    What does this mean?

    1)  The previous semester, the student-competitor passed a minimum of five classes during the regular course of the semester.

    NOTE: Credit recovery courses, courses completed during night school, and summer school do NOT count towards eligibility, but they WILL help you graduate on time! If a student did not complete these five classes at Lawrence High School, it may be necessary for the school to complete a KSHSAA transfer form.

    2) During the current semester the student-competitor is enrolled in a minimum of five classes, NONE of which are credit recovery or night school.

    NOTE: For any student competitor other than an incoming freshman who did not attend Lawrence High School at the end of the previous school year, a KSHSAA transfer form may be required before participation in a KSHAA sponsored event.

    **Participation with an approved KSHSAA transfer form may result in a penalty, disqualification, and/or forfeiture.


    3)   The student-competitor is currently a student in good standing.