• Professional Skills
    Professional Skills is designed to prepare students with the skills they need to ready for life after high school.  By integrating non-cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, sometimes called “soft-skills”, with academic and technical content, students can expect improvement in academic achievement, engagement and post-high school outcomes. Students have multiple opportunities to choose from a selection of 4 week courses that interest them. Some of those courses include Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Basic Car Repair, Basic Culinary Safety and Skills, Financial Aid for College, Social Media Presence and Its Effect on Your Future.  Students who have completed one semester of Professional Skills will have the opportunity to design their own learning through internships, individual projects, such as post-secondary preparation or job searches, or service learning.
    Professional Skills is a course taken by most students who attend the College & Career Center.  Students who take an online core credit class (English, Math, Science or Social Studies) through the Lawrence Virtual School or through a post-secondary provider will not take Professional Skills.