KUClass DabClass

    Weekly Schedule  


    **** Please note many spaces still being determined/filled in our schedule ****


    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


    8:35-8:55                  Morning Tubs

             *8:45 BELL

    Morning Meeting 8:45-9:15

    Calendar 9:15-9:25

    Math 9:25-10:20

    Whole Group Writing 10:20-10:50

    Snack 10:50-11:00

    PBL 11:00-11:50 (Library once a week)

    Specials 11:50-12:35

    Lunch 12:40-1:05

    Recess 1:05-1:30

    ELA Whole Group/Writing 1:30-2:10

    ELA Small Group 2:10-2:30

    Recess 2:30-2:50

    ELA Small Group 2:50-3:10

    ELA Small Group 3:10-3:30

    Closing Circle 3:30-3:45

    Dismissal 3:50


               *3:55 BGC

    8:35-8:55                  Morning Tubs

             *8:45 BELL

    Morning Meeting 8:45-9:15





    2:25                       Dismissal

             *2:35   BGC


    Specials Rotation

    A Day-

    B Day- 

    C Day- 


    Library Checkout: TBD

    Library Lesson:

    Counselor Lesson: 




    Key people in our room 


    Jessica Larsen- ESL

    Sue Willoughby- Title Math and Reading                                       

    Spencer Adams- Special Education                

    Annette Dabney- Speech Pathologist

    Emily Seamen- Library Media Specialist






    Attendance School begins promptly at 8:45 am. If your child arrives after 8:45, you will need to walk him/her to the office and sign your child in. This will be counted as a tardy. Please see the Student Handbook for more details.






    Your child is encouraged to bring their own snack from home. We may have students with peanut allergies, please be sure to look for a note home with snacks to avoid or contact Miss Brown. Healthy snacks such as crackers, pretzels, popcorn, cheerios, fruits, veggies, etc. are welcome. If you would like to bring a snack to share with the class you are more than welcome. Check with Miss Brown for a class roster number to garantee there will be enough for each student. We will be sending home a letter soon from Mrs. Becker with more information about our healthy snacks policy. This letter will be in your student's blue Monday Mail folder. There will also be a video explaining this more at Early Visits. 




    Monday Mail

    Your child will have a blue folder sent home on Mondays with newsletters, calendars, etc. Classroom newsletters will rotate weeks with school newsletters. Return any notes that need to be signed, sign the weekly log in the front of the folder and return the folder Tuesday morning. Your child can earn a responsibility ticket for returning their signed Monday Mail folder each week. Please check your child’s backpack daily for important information.



    Homework is completely optional! It is not required. However it is provided to every student. Your child's homework should not take them more than 15-20 minutes to complete. Homework will be things students can do independently and will reinforce what we are learning in the classroom. This will be located in the white homework folder that will be kept in your students backpack. The homework provided may include a trimester packet (fall / winter / spring), sight word practice, and familiar books for you students to re-read at their level. PLEASE KEEP THIS FOLDER IN YOUR STUDENTS BACKPACK EVERY DAY SO THAT MISS BROWN CAN CHECK PROGRESS AND SWITCH OUT THE MATERIALS. Students can receive a Soaring to Success ticket for having this folder in their backpacks during any random check. They will recieve a prize for a completed trimester packet (Usually a coloring book, cup of hot chocolate or other seasonal items.) Students can also earn a free prize box for being able to read one of the take home books independently to Miss Brown. Please participate in being their reading audience before they ask to read this to me at school. It is important that you also practice reading to them books in their home language. 





    Hawk Days

    Your student will have a special day to bring items to share and put on display in the school. Students may bring things that represent their culture, books they enjoy, activities they are involved in, or anything that is appropriate to share.   If you would like to come see your child present, please let me know so we can find a time that works. 
A note will be sent home 2 weeks before your child's special day with more detail in the blue Monday Mail folder. There will also be a video explaing this at Early Visits. 





    Student birthdays will be celebrated upon prior parental request. Due to the district’s health policy, it is recommended that one healthy snack be provided such as popcorn, yogurt, granola bars, fruit kabobs, trail mix, or yogurt covered pretzels or raisins. Please do not send cupcakes unless you have spoken with Miss Brown. There will be a note coming home soon about healthy snack choices. Birthday celebrations will be limited to 15 minutes. If your child wishes to celebrate their summer birthday they can arrange a day of their choice anytime during the year.





    Your child will be able to use the restroom throughout the day. Please send an extra pair of clothes/underwear in a plastic baggie to be kept in your Students Backpack daily incase of accidents.






    School Wide Expectations/rules

    Have Respect – I will respect others, myself, and my school.

    Act Responsibly- I will act responsibly as I follow directions. I will have integrity at all times.

    Work Together- I will do my best work every day as I cooperate with my classmates to listen, think, solve problems, read, and write.

    Kindness Counts- I will always be kind. I will not bully others. I will be a friend to everyone.

    Soar to Success- I will try to soar like a hawk every day as I work to reach my learning goals.


    Students will be able to earn HAWKS tickets throughout the school day. They will then be able to redeem their tickets weekly. Please see the HAWKS Expectations page on our website for more information regarding how these are used in our classroom. 



Classroom Photo