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AP Government and Politics

  • Congrats for navigating your way to the A.P. page of my website.  The first news item I have to deliver is that there is no official summer assignment requirement.  I do strongly suggest that you read and absorb as much as you can about the world of politics both inside and outside of the United States.  Make a habit of reading editorials in the New York Times. Check out polling data and analysis of various kinds on Realclearpolitics.com, Gallup.com, and/or Pewresearch.org. We will use Google Classroom as a digital home base and I will have info for you to access as soon as we get started this year. 

    WEBEX LINK: https://usd497.webex.com/meet/jhaas

    It's going to be a great and memorable experience!

     Yours in Learning,

    Mr. Haas