world hands

About Our Class

  • Our class is a shared experience.  It is a series of learning events unfolding over a short span of time carefully designed to promote intellectual growth in each active participant.  A truly great class is one that produces powerful positive results in the short-term but maybe just as importantly, produces impactful positive memories over the long-term.  I want everyone in our class to be able to reflect on it and to think of the expereince as a great class.  

    I will work tirelessly for our class to be an impactful learning experience for you but please consider that impactful experiences-those that have the power to influence your course in life-usually do not occur with you sitting at home looking at screens.  They demand that you get up, go out the door, and engage the world in a direct and open-minded way.  With these ideas in mind, let's all go out the door and have a great class experience togehther.

    Yours in Learning,  Mr. Haas