So Why The HAWKS Expectations?

  • HAWKTopper

    At Hillcrest Elementary every hallway, classroom, playground and sidewalk has the same expectations for every student and teacher in our school. These expectations are like our rules, but they apply to our daily lives as Hillcrest Hawks! We take the approach of being pro-active and rewarding wanted behavior. My goal is to make sure your First Grader continues to understand these expectations and can use them in conversation. Ask your student about them! Talk about them at home. To be a HAWK at Hillcrest is the best thing ever! 






    Your student will be used to seeing posters like the one below in every area at our school. 





    In Our Classroom we save our individual HAWK tickets to 'purchase' rewards. We keep these in our own ticket pockets. The rewards we purchase can be found on a menu located in the classroom by our HAWKS tickets pockets. Some of the options are; Items from the M&M Treasure Box, Special Supplies, Bring a Stuffed Animal Day, Eat in the Classroom, Coloring Pages, Extra PAT or Technology Time and more.



    These tickets are also drawn from the HAWK jar for students to complete special task as well as jobs. The more tickets each student has in the jar the more chances they have for these opportunities.


    NEW! This year there will also be a monthly HAWKS store located in the school. Students may save 20 tickets to visit. 


    Every other Friday 3 students from our room are recognized as AWESOME HAWKS. If your student is recognized an individual postcard will be addressed and mailed to your house recognizing this accomplishment.


    We also have a SUPER STUDENT recognized in or classroom each week that is allowed to wear our classroom cape. This student is chosen based on a great example they showed meeting one of the HAWK values. 


    Students can also use tickets to participate in school wide behavior parties. These include; Bubble and Blow Pops, Trail Mix, Hot Cocoa, and Ice Cream Sundays. 


    Golden Ticket

    We also strive to earn class golden tickets for great behavior. For every ten that the class earns we throw a small 10 to 15 minute behavior party in our room. The students choose these options. 



    If there is a problem in behavior that arises, your child will be asked to talk through the problem and think about a plan to help avoid the behavior the next time. This is done through a student teacher conference over a worksheet.



    We also partake in positive action lessons to give us the tools we need to communicate with each other and think about our thoughts in a positive way.