• Preston Scheibler Memorial Scholarship
    (Lawrence High School)

    The scholarship is in memory of Preston Lee Scheibler, LHS Class of 2008 and was set up by his parents and sister Alexis.

    Student must have an IEP based on academic challenges.
    Student must be involved in school activities.
    Student plans to attend any four-year college/university or a two-year college/school (junior college, vocation and/or technical school.

    Lawrence High School Recipients ($1,000):
    2012 - Sean Thomas, LHS
    2013 - Victoria Ritchie, LHS
    2014 - Wilson Arnett, LHS
    2015 - John Barbee II, LHS
    2016 - Diego Gee, LHS (bottom photo)
    2017 - Brandon Jimenez, LHS (top right))
    2018 - Maria Buskirk, LHS (top left)
    2018 - Luther Fuller, LHS (top left)
    2018 - Maria Buskirk and Luther Fuller 2017 - Brandon Jimenez
      2017 - Diego Gee