• Jan Green Memorial Scholarship
    (Lawrence Free State High School)

    The scholarship was started by Tracy Green in memory of his wife Jan Green, a Lawrence school district educator for 26 years.

    Student must demonstrate a financial need.
    Student is involved in school activities.
    Student must intend to pursue a degree in Education.
    Minimum GPA of 2.5.
    Student is involved in community activities.
    Student plans to attend a four-year college/university.

    Lawrence Free State High School Recipients ($750):
    2009 - Jennifer McCandless, FSHS
    2010 - Audrey Snodgrass, FSHS
    2011 - Savannah Franz, FSHS
    2012 - Guinevere Toalson, FSHS
    2013 - Aaryn Wertz, FSHS
    2014 - Sacha Mayer, FSHS
    2015 - Amy Oelschlaeger, FSHS
    2016 - Phoenix Swedlund, FSHS
    2017 - Lilith Kenn, FSHS 
    2018 - Heather Buckingham, FSHS (pictured)

    Lawrence High School Recipients
    2018 - Heather Buckingham