• Del and Don Fambrough Memorial Scholarship
    (Lawrence High School)

    Fambrough Scholarship The scholarship was started to honor the memory of Del Fambrough by her son Preston Fambrough and her husband Don Fambrough.  Del was a long-time teacher of English at Central Junior High School and Lawrence High School.

    An outstanding academic achievement in English, regardless of the students’ intended major in college.
    If two or more candidates have similar academic achievements, financial need should be considered.
    Minimum GPA of 3.5.
    Plans to attend any four-year college or university.

    Recipients ($1,000):
    2003 - Anne Weltmer, LHS
    2004 - Jenna Collins, LHS
    2005 - Bailey Pike, LHS
    2006 - Brenna Daldorph, LHS
    2007 - Audrey Seybert, LHS
    2008 - Timmia Hearn Feldman, LHS
    2009 - Corina Fowler, LHS
    2010 - Joyce Bohling, LHS
    2011 - Taylor Baloga, LHS
    2012 - Madeline Backus, LHS
    2013 - Hazlett Henderson, LHS
    2014 - Brianne Haffenstine, LHS
    2015 - Miranda Pratt, LHS
    2016 - Louise Loats, LHS (top photo)
    2017 - Abigail Treff, LHS (bottom photo)
    2018 - Robert Kleibohmer, LHS
    Del and Don Fambrough Scholarship