• Educator of the Year (Golden Apple) Award
    The Foundation presents an Educator of the Year award (Golden Apple) each year to a teacher or school administrator who has made outstanding contributions to our students in the Lawrence Public Schools. 
    The Foundation annually announces it's Golden Apple Award during the Follies fund-raising event at Liberty Hall.  This year's Foundation Follies will be held April 26, 2019.
    The $1,500 cash award is given to two outstanding teachers, one elementary and one secondary, nominated by a student, parent, teaching colleague or community member.
    Criteria for nominees include any certified staff member who has been employed by the  Lawrence Public Schools for at least two years and is returning next school year. Nominations may be made by any LPS employee, student, parent or community member.
    Nominations must be submitted to the Lawrence Schools Foundation by 5 p.m. on March 15, 2019.
    Golden Apple Educator of the Year Award Recipients:
    1992 - Paul Stuewe, Lawrence High School
    1993 - Randy Weseman, South Junior High
    1994 - Jane Polcyn, Sunset Hill Elementary
    1995 - Robert Taylor, Administration
    1996 - Patricia Nemchock,  Lawrence High School
    1997 - Lois Groh, Lawrence High School
    1998 - Jacqueline Shipstead,Sunflower Elementary
    1999 - Sue Hack, Southwest Junior High
    2000 - Mike Ortmann, Lawrence High School
    2001 - Christine Valcich, Quail Run Elementary
    2002 - Lynne Renick, Southwest Junior High
    2003 - Frank Hoffman, Cordley Elementary
    2004 - Denise Hobbs, Broken Arrow Elementary
    2005 - Carolyn Gaddis, Pinckney Elementary
    2006 - Suzanne Knowlton, Sunflower Elementary
    2007 - Terri Durgan, Quail Run Elementary
    2007 - George "Skip" Bennett, Southwest Junior High
    2008 - Lois Orth-Lopes, Cordley Elementary
    2008 - Betty Norwood, South Junior High
    2009 - Patrick Wedel, Prairie Park Elementary
    2009 - Danielle Lotton-Barker, Southwest Junior High
    2010 - John Bode, New York Elementary
    2010 - Robert Rhodes, Free State High School
    2011 - Denise Johnson, Hillcrest Elementary
    2011 - Jackie Stafford, Central Junior High
    2012 - Christine Wesley, Prairie Park Elementary
    2012 - Andrew Nussbaum, Free State High School
    2013 - Emili Stoll, Sunset Hill Elementary
    2013 - Jo Huntsinger, Lawrence High School
    2014 - Peter Gipson, Sunflower Elementary
    2014 - Jeff Plinsky, Lawrence High School
    2018 - Beth Maloun, Broken Arrow Elementary
    2018 - Mike Hymer, Lawrence High School
    Beth Maloun, 2018   Beth Maloun, 2018
    Mike Hymer, 2018  Mike Hymer, 2018
     Kathy McCall earned a Golden Apple Award
     Kathy McCall, 2017
     Nolan Henderson earned a Golden Apple Award
       Nolan Henderson, 2017 
    Jenny Humburg and family   2016 elementary school recipient Jenny Humburg and family.
    Carol Souders and family  Carol Souders, 2016 secondary school recipient and family.