• Special Award for Excellence in Teaching (Bobs Award)
    The $10,000 Excellence in Teaching (Bobs Award)  is a teaching honor created through the Foundation by a group of civic leaders who share the first name, Bob.  The benefactors choose to remain anonymous to focus attention on the outstanding educators selected annually to receive this award.
    Nomination letters may be submitted by any certified teacher or building principal currently employed in the Lawrence Public Schools. Nominations must be received at the Foundation by April 30, 2018. Letters of reference should come from at least one administrator, one parent, one student and one colleague of the nominee.
    Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients:
    1997 - Val Howland (Broken Arrow Elementary School)
    1998 - Gary Webber (Southwest Junior High School)
    1999 - Sue Siegfried (Woodlawn Elementary School)
    2000 - Dr. Victoria Beals (South Junior High School)
    2001 - Pamela Bushouse (Free State High School)
    2002 - Brian “Chip” Anderson (Lawrence High School)
    2003 - Kathy Rathbun (Langston Hughes Elementary School)
    2004 - Paula Barr (Hillcrest Elementary School)
    2005 - Kathleen Wagner (West Junior High School)
    2006 - Mary Chapman (Free State High School)
    2007 - Sherry Vratil (Wakarusa Valley)
    2008 - Deb Engstrom (Lawrence High School)
    2009 - Paulette Breithaupt (Sunset Hill Elementary School)
    2010 - Christy Kelly (Cordley Elementary School)
    2011 - Renee Babin (Schwegler Elementary School)
    2012 - Michael Carriger (Lawrence High School)
    2013 - Ryan McAdoo (Hillcrest Elementary School)
    2014 - Jordan Rose (Free State High School)
     2016 recipient Scott Forkenbrock and family.
    2016 recipient Scott Forkenbrock with his family.