• What is the Adult Learning Center?
    The Adult Learning Center provides:

    • Adult education and literacy services.
    • English literacy program (ESL).

    • GED Test preparation. A Kansas State High School Diploma issued by the Kansas Board of Regents will be awarded for successful completion of the GED Tests.
    Who qualifies for Adult Education Services?
    Adults who do not have a high school diploma and have not successfully completed the GED battery of tests; adults who have reading, writing or math skills that fall below the guidelines of the Comprehensive Adult Students Assessment System (even if they have a high school diploma); adults who do not have proficiency in the English language necessary to function in the multiple adult roles of citizen, employee and family member (Exception: Individuals in the U.S. on nonimmigrant visas are not eligible for services in adult education programs in Kansas, including A-1, A-2, A-3 B-1, B-2, C1-C4, D1-D2, F-1, F-2, H1B-2B, H-4, J-1, J-2, O-1, O-3, by Education Statute #72-1111 Chapter 72: Schools, section 4.5); or adults who are at least 16 years of age, and 16- and 17-year-olds must have a disclaimer from their school district of current residence (not necessarily the last high school attended) or proof of emancipation (certificate of marriage or court order).
    What about those who are home-schooled?
    Adults 16 or 17 years of age must provide a written statement of school exemption signed by the school administrator and parent (the administrator may also be the parent) or a certificate of completion from the home school.