• New York Elementary

    Support for

    Academic, Behavior and Social Skills


    New York Elementary along with all the elementary schools in the Lawrence Public Schools systems has implemented a Comprehensive Integrated Three–Tier model of prevention that called CI3T.  The program is data driven, proactive and will provide safe and engaging learning environment for students. 


    CI3T utilizes a positive behavior system where students will be recognized when they are meeting the expectation outlined on the Expectations Matrix found on the next page.  The main focus is on our three simple expectations, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be a Learner.  When staff sees a student demonstrating one of these expectations, a Knights Award ticket will be given to the student.  The ticket can be placed in containers found in various places throughout the school for different drawings that will happen through out the day, the week, the month and each trimester. 


    Should a student need additional support to be successful we will provide interventions in the area of need whether it is academic, social, or in following the expectation matrix.  We will provide more time for the student to learn the skill in a small group setting or through an individualized learning plan. 


    Classroom teachers will be using a curriculum called Positive Actions to teach appropriate social skills.  You call look at this program by visiting the website https://www.positiveaction.net.


    Another useful resource is http://www.pbis.org. 


    There will be information posted on our website, in our monthly newsletters, special presentations and meetings planned just for the purpose of sharing this program with you.  If you have questions, please call the school and we will have a staff member answer your questions.