• Courses, Materials, and Technology
    Q.  What are the core courses for a full time student?
    A.  A full time K-8th grade student at LVS is assigned courses in math, language arts, social studies, and science.  Some electives are available for students to add to their courses later in the fall.
    High school students are offered courses to meet the required course completion for the state of Kansas, as well as a variety of elective choices. LVS is College Board certified and the only virtual school with NCAA accreditation.
    Q.  What materials and technology are provided for my student?  
    A.  Students are provided books and materials to complete their lessons, depending on their grade level.  For example, K-5th grade student's materials might include student guides, teachers’ guides, text books, workbooks, literature materials, science supplies, maps and globes, and math manipulatives. Middle School students may receive print course guides to go along with their online courses. High School students typically do not receive print materials or textbooks; their curriculum is all online. Education Specialists also provide suggestions and access to a variety of on-line resources for students and families to use for enrichment or individual academic practice.  If needed and approved by the LVS administration, students may request a computer on loan from our school for the duration of their enrollment with LVS.
    Q.  What is not included?
    A.  Students still provide their own basic school supplies, such as notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, etc.  In addition, there may be household supplies needed from time to time for lessons, such as science.  For students in grades K-5, they will also have a list of books and novels to choose from as a part of the literature course, and those are not provided but are readily available at local libraries or bookstores.
    Q.  Do you provide internet access for my family?
    A.  Each family provides their own internet access.  High speed internet is recommended to be able to access the online curriculum to its fullest.  School loaned computers are equipped with a wireless card to be able to access a wireless network in your home.
    Q.  What electives are offered, and at what grade levels?
    A.  Students are offered the opportunity to add an elective to their core courses later in the fall of the school year.  This allows students to become acclimated to their core courses before deciding on an elective.  Students complete one elective at a time.
         –Kindergarten-second grade students are offered art.
         –Third-fifth grade students are offered choices of art or one of several foreign languages.
         --High school students have a wide variety of electives offered to meet elective requirements for graduation and exploration of career options.
Last Modified on February 5, 2020