• Communication
    Q.  Where do I meet my teacher?
    A.  Families have the opportunity to meet their assigned Education Specialist or High School teachers (a Kansas certified LVS teacher) at our back-to-school events hosted in various locations around the state as school starts.  Other opportunities to connect with Education Specialists and Teachers include a variety of field trips hosted by LVS, as well as during state assessments. (note: not all Education Specialists and Teachers attend every field trip and activity). There may also be times when an Education Specialist or Homeroom teacher may offer the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the student and parent to work on a skill or provide assessments face-to-face; teachers and parents will agree if this is a good option or not for their student. In addition to opportunities to meet them face-to-face, teachers connect regularly with their assigned students and parents via phone, web conference, and email.
    Q.  How often do I meet with my teacher?
    A.  K-12th grade students and learning coaches (teaching parents) meet via phone and/or web conference on a regular basis.  That might include one-on-one conferences or group conferences related to a particular subject.  Students are not required to meet face-to-face with their Education Specialist unless there is an academic reason discussed between the Learning Coach and the Education Specialist.  Students also may be invited to participate in group sessions via web conference to cover grade level topics and lessons in specific courses.
    Middle school and high school students are encouraged to attend bi-weekly live Class Connect sessions for each of their courses; this provides instruction in the course, as well as an opportunity to interact with the teachers and other students.
    Q.  Do we ever meet as a group, with other students?
    A.  Many K-8th Grade Education Specialists provide opportunities to participate in group web conference sessions for various activities including academic instruction, read-aloud story time of favorite books or novels, or student “Hall Talk” for middle school students.
    High school students have a variety of options to meet in classes, as well as LVS hosted clubs.
    Q.  How does my student have opportunities to connect with other students?
    A.  Our school offers a variety of opportunities to connect with other students.  These include, but are not limited to:
    –LVS sponsored field trips
    –Parent Led Enrichment Groups for students around the state for field trips and activities
    –Middle School “Hall Talk”
    –LVS-sponsored contests, such as art contests, spelling bees, math contest
    –Many local opportunities to meet with other students that are shared with the school community.
    Q.  What other ways does the school communicate with my family?
    A.   Besides regular phone/web conferences and group web conference sessions, Education Specialists will connect via email.  Families also receive a weekly email message titled “Monday Mail”, which is our school-wide communication.  This communication piece includes school-wide announcements, field trip information, as well as opportunities for outside enrichment activities.
Last Modified on November 30, 2017