• LVS Technology Operating Procedures


    LVS provides computer(s), standard books and other curricular supplies.  These materials are public property and must be kept in good condition.  Consumable items may be written in (workbooks, etc.).  Parent/Guardian enrolling student(s) in LVS accept the responsibility of paying for lost, stolen or damaged school materials.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for following all materials return procedures at the conclusion of the school year or upon withdrawal from LVS.
    Technology Needs:
    A computer will be provided for any LVS student who has a need for a school-loaned device. Contact your homeroom teacher for the computer request link. Computers are school property and must be returned upon withdrawal or termination of enrollment.


    Access to a working phone for conferencing is required.  Throughout the year there will be times when access to a printer is also needed.  LVS does not provide printers.
    Internet Connection: Acquiring internet service prior to the start of the school year and maintaining it is the responsibility of the LVS family.  Issues regarding connection to service should be directed to your internet service provider (ISP).  In case of extended interruption in service you will need to inform your Education Specialist.  LVS recommends the use of high speed internet.
    –All technology issues should be reported first to the assigned homeroom teacher.  The teacher will then recommend the dissemination of information to the proper source.  Access to the internet via equipment provided to the student as a result of his/her enrollment in the school are intended for educational purposes only.
    –Use of the internet is under the sole supervision of the Learning Coach.
    –LVS is not responsible for lost data; please store ALL your documents, pictures, etc. on external media (flash drive, disks, etc.) to avoid loss.
    –LVS is not responsible for the storage, replacement, or return of personal disks left in the CD/DVD drive of any returned computer.  Please check the drive before returning the laptop computer.
    –Replacement parts/hardware cannot be sent to any parties who have pending/outstanding hardware returns.  Please return all technology hardware in a timely manner.