Mission Statement
    The mission of Lawrence Virtual School is to build a foundation for lifelong learning in a caring environment where students are challenged academically and expected to do their best, to be responsible and to be respectful of others. 
    Purpose Statement
    To create a comprehensive schoolwide program including faculty, staff, students and families which is data-driven, proactive, and supportive of a positive academic, social and behavioral environment. 
    Why LVS?
    • Longevity! LVS was established in 2004 as the premier virtual school in Kansas.
    • Proven track record of student success.
    • Live classes for students in grades K-12.
    • Highly qualified, Kansas-certified teachers with more than 100 years of combined online instructional experience.
    • Two thirds of our teachers have master's degrees.
    • Diverse, rigorous, and engaging curriculum. 
    • College-Board certified and the only virtual school in Kansas accredited by the NCAA.
    • Individualized student support, gifted, and special education services.
    • Committment to educational excellence.
    • Active school community with statewide family-led enrichment programs.


Last Modified on July 31, 2022