Phone: (785) 330-2338


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. & M.A. French & ESOL

Madame Hurt 


Ms. Hurt is in zyr 24th year of teaching French at LHS (27 in the district)!  Ze has also taught ESOL, Directed Studies, Credit Recovery, and has co-taught Sophomore English.  Ze was a para in a variety of classrooms zyr first year and prior to that, at Douglas County Juvenile Detention.  In the mid-90s, Ms. Hurt was a Bert Nash youth specialist working in multiple elementary schools.  Zyr degrees are from KU and ze has also studied at three French universities, at ESU, and at Washburn. 

In LHS room #353, ze runs and teaches the French program and sponsors Françamis, The French Club.  Please, contact zem by phone message or email with any questions or concerns. 

*Ms. Hurt likes to use the neutral pronouns Ze (like He/She/They-singular, subject pronoun), Zem (like Him/Her/Them, object of a verb), Zyr or Zyrs (like His/Her/Their, possessive adjective or pronoun), but is still fine with she/her(s).  


WebEx Meetings and the Google Classroom

      Please, email or call to receive the link to access the WebEx classroom for French.    

      Join your Google Classroom with the code provided in class.