• Welcome to Billy Mills Middle School!  My name is Shana Poettker and I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade math this year.  This is my 21st year teaching here, and I can’t think of a better place to be!


    My goal this year is to help your student become a lifelong mathematician.  I believe that the skills in mathematics, and Algebra especially, are thinking skills that benefit everyone every day.  I have told my students that the math we explore in 7th  and 8th grade are ideas that they will use throughout their lives at different times.  This year, students will work with a variety of topics.  Students will explore numbers and operations to see how the language of mathematics works.  We will work with expressions and equations to explore algebra to analyze and make sense of problems.  Ratios and proportions will be used to describe relationships between numbers and quantities.  We will also use geometry to model our world and solve problems within our 3-dimensional world.  Geometry is the language of mathematics that helps us understand the world around us.  As we continue to analyze the information found in our world, we will focus on statistics to analyze and evaluate conclusions based on data.  This data analysis will help to make informed citizens.  Functions and functional reasoning helps to use, organize, and understand data in a variety of situations and contexts.


    I’m looking forward to a great year together!