2023-2024 Senior Finals Exemption

  • During the second semester, some seniors may be eligible for finals exemption.

    In order to be exempt from second semester finals, seniors must meet the following criteria:

    1. No suspensions, AND
    2. No unexcused absences, AND
    3. No more than 5 days of unexcused absences, AND
    4. No more than 10 tardies, AND
    5. Must meet the following requirements for the specific class for which they wish to have the final waived:
      1. 5 or fewer excused absences and an A or B average, OR
      2. 3 or fewer excused absences and a C average, OR
      3. 1 or fewer excused absences and a passing grade.

    Attendance period will run from January 8th through May 10th.

    Seniors should check their attendance regularly. Any excused absence may become an excused absence if properly resolved by 4:00 PM the following school day.

    Any school-related activities ARE NOT counted toward the absence total listed above (e.g. band, athletics, clubs, etc.).