How To Order Transcripts From Parchment

    1. Go to from a web browser. On the home page, click "Order Now".
    2. Select your school. Search for "Lawrence High School". Make sure you select Lawrence High School in Lawrence, KS 66046.
    3. Create a new learner account without a registration code. Use your personal email address. DO NOT USE YOUR STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS. For the Class of 2024, your "Start Year" is 2020, and "Last Year Attended" is 2024. "Highest Level of Education" is 11th grade. Once you do the initial set up, Parchment will email you a code or link to follow to confirm your account.
    4. Add enrollment information:
      1. You are "Currently Enrolled".
      2. For the Class of 2024, the "Earliest Year" is 2020, and the "Expected Grad Year" is 2024.
      3. Waive your FERPA rights.
    5. Dashboard. When on the dashboard, you should see the Chesty Lion on the left-hand side and "Lawrence High School.
    6. Order transcript. To order a transcript, click on the plus or the green "Order" button. You can send your transcript to yourself or search for an institution. Once you locate your destination, choose "Select". You can opt for "Send Now" or "Hold". Placing your order on hold means that the transcript will be sent after graduation and it will include your final grades and your graduation date. Orders through Parchment are free until mid-June 2024. You can check back on the status of your orders.