• FAQ: Common Questions

    The answers to many frequently asked questions are below.  If you don't find the question and answer you are looking for, please contact us at (785) 832-5450
    • Q) What sports are offered at BMMS?

      A) Billy Mills Middle School currently offers the following sports:
                  7th Grade: Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Spirit Squad, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball
                  8th Grade: Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Spirit Squad, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball

      Q) What sports are played when?

      A) Sports are played during three seasons of sport: Fall, Winter, and Spring
      NOTE: Academic eligibility is based on semester performance
                  Fall: Cross Country, Football, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball
                  Winter: Basketball, Wrestling
                  Spring: Boys Tennis, Track and Field
                  Year-Round: Spirit Squad (Cheerleading) 
    • Q) What levels of competition are currently offered?

      A) The sports and levels of competition offered at Billy Mills Middle School are based on many factors including: budget, numbers of interested or skilled participants, and availability of qualified coaches.
                  * Currently, we offer an A-Team and a B-Team in: Basketball, Volleyball
                  * Currently, we offer single competition-level teams in: Cross Country, Football, Tennis, and Track, Wrestling
                  * Currently, our Spirit Squad is comprised of a Cheer and a Pom squad. The mascot and yell leaders may be added if there is interest at the discretion of the sponsor and athletic director.  Students interested in being a Yell Leader or Mascot should contact the sponsor. 
    • Q) Are the forms required to participate in sports or spirit squads?

      A) Yes. Five (5) forms are required for athletes, spirit squad members, and for student managers.  See the Forms/Fees Information on this website for more information.
    • Q) Where can I find copies of the required forms?

      A) Forms are available at Billy Mills Middle School in the athletic office, in the hall outside the main office, or by download from this website.  See the forms download page accessed from the athletics main page.
    • Q) Are there fees associated with doing a sport?

      A) Yes.  Each athlete or spirit squad member must purchase an activity ticket and pay a participation fee.  There are also out-of-pocket expenses associated with participation.  See the Fees Information page of this website for details.
    • Q) How do I become a student manager?

      A) If you are interested in being a team manager contact the head coach of that sport for approval.  You will have to submit the required forms to the athletic office.  See the forms information page of this website.
    • Q) Is there a minimum attendance requirement for attending a practice or playing in a game?

      A) Yes.  An athlete must attend 4+ class periods to be eligible to practice or compete.  Exceptions: family emergency, court appearance, verified professional appointment, school-sponsored field trip.
    • Q) Do I have to ride the bus to or from my game?

      A) Part of being on a team is riding to and from an event with other team members.  We realize there are occasionally valid reasons for an athlete to not ride on the transportation provided by the school.  A student must submit a "Request to Transport" form to the Athletic Director a minimum of 24 hours in advance when they wish to ride home with a parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  This form requires the signature of the parent(s) and the head coach, and must be approved by the Athletic Director.  Students will only be released to a parent or legal guardian.  The form is available at BMMS or by download from the forms page of this website.

      PLEASE NOTE: The insurance coverage carried by the Lawrence Public Schools will NOT cover the athlete in case of an accident if the athlete has been released.
    • Q) Is there an admission fee for home events?

      A) No! Please come cheer on the Cougars and support our teams!
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