Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Heinritz

Hello! My name is Anna Heinritz and I am the gifted teacher at Pinckney Elementary School. This is my first year here and I am so excited to get to work with such an awesome community/staff! I have been an elementary gifted education teacher in Lawrence Public Schools since 2013. Before that I was a 5th/6th grade classroom teacher in CO for 8 years. Education has been my passion since before I can remember. Thank goodness I had 3 younger siblings and could subject them to all my "teaching." :) At home here in Lawrence, I reside with my husband, 2 middle/high school daughters, 2 dogs, and a slew of foster animals here and there. Always a fun time! My core value regarding education is that all children can, will, and deserve to learn each and every day. For more information about gifted services in LPS, feel free to check out my website at or email me at